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Service Updates
Welcome to PSE,

We are a bunch of good friends playing together to enjoy all that Dofus has to offer.

If you believe you would be interested in joining a tightly knit group of friends,  drop us a line in game to find out more.

Thanks for visiting,

(Kolgard - 200 Feca)
(Eniwon - 199 Eniripsa)
(PandanaJones - 176 Pandawa)

Guild Website Avatar creation tool

Kolgards, Feb 3, 11 12:51 PM.

ScreenShot Postings

Kolgards, Jan 5, 11 10:38 AM.
For all of you who are interested in getting your great screenshots posted on the guild forum, just get with Zyn to find out how you too can become infamous in PSE!  :)

We are close to the 100 member mark!  Let's keep up the great recruiting.  There is no longer a minimum level required to join PSE, however, the player you want to invite MUST NOT be a leech or annoying.  Please make sure and let them know that I am not their personal XP machine, and don't ask me constantly to go XP.

Again, we just went over level 51 as a guild, and our name is growing in game.  Thanks to each and every one of you for your great efforts in this.

Thanks again,

Kolgard (Feca 199)
Eniwon (Eniripsa 198)
PandanaJones (Pandawa 158)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Kolgards, Mar 10, 10 3:44 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Game News
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Guild Associations - Good and Bad

Guild Allies

Dice Master
Night's Rage
Good Old Days
Were Wolves of Astrub

We are allied with these guilds.  All PSE members are to refrain from attacking any of the perceptors or talking bad to them or about them.

Guild Enemies

The Power of Green
Taylor Gang

We are at war with this guild.  They are our enemy.  Hunt down and kill every Perceptor they place.  Trash talk and agroo them if you are able.  Give them no peace.

Thank You,
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